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✦ Lighting Cameraman  

   Working mainly with his Canon C100 MK 2/ Atomos Ninja ,Ziess and Canon L lenses prime and telephoto 
   along with the DJI Osmo steadicam, Godox soft boxes and led panels. 

   Drone hire dependant on project
✦ Editing

   Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro x, Motion, Photoshop, After Effects

   for graphics and animation, full Adobe Suite
✦ Sound editor /man 
   Working with high-quality wireless boomed mics, lapel wireless mics
   Music composer and sound designer/live mixer and sound engineer

   Editing audio with Logic Pro

   Project management including costings, crew, equipment, call sheets, creative direction,

   Lighting and backgrounds


  working mainly with a Canon 5D MK3 / experience in a wide range of photography from corporate group and portraits to products,

  editing with the Adobe suite

tark vid.jpeg


Tarquin is a videographer, editor and content creator based in the South East of the UK but able to travel globally,  An accomplished all-rounder and one-stop creative video project solution, he has many years' experience in video production, shooting and editing films for companies such as events organiser Marcus Evans, procurement giant Pelican, education specialists PFL,Telegraph Business Club, European Business Awards and hospitality event giant THG. He also creates video content for other company websites and individuals.
Tarquin's creative and practical skills include:



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